Eco-friendly Baby Products

For new parents, caring for a baby in today’s world can often seem like navigating a minefield. A new baby entering your life can create an enormous number of unexpected changes. Along with the little one comes a whole new category of things to purchase – baby’s products. But what products to choose?

Reports of contentious plastics in food containers, pesticides in textiles, and asbestos in crayons are enough to make even the most confident parent worry. Start good habits young and protect your baby from the chemicals hiding in typical baby products by purchasing eco-friendly alternatives. Going green isn’t just great for your baby, it’s good for the Earth too. Start with:


All those designer baby clothes are cute and hard to resist in their candy colors. But be careful. Since a baby’s skin is very delicate and easily absorbs what’s in and around it, it’s important to purchase eco-friendly clothes. Choosing organic fabrics is the best for a baby’s sensitive skin and lasts longer with constant washing.


When it comes to the toy industry, plastics are everywhere. Just look through the toy section at your local store and you’ll see bath toys building blocks, action figures, dolls, and educational games made from plastic. Get back to basics and try old fashioned wooden toys and organic cotton or homemade toys. These toys tend to be much more durable than plastic ones, evoke more creativity in little ones, can be passed down for generations.


Your baby will use approximately 6 000 diapers before toilet training. And disposable diapers take 200-500 years to decompose. When it comes to choosing eco-friendly diapers, it can be overwhelming and a bit of a game of trial and error. Cloth diapers are the perfect alternative. The best thing, you can wash them at home. Another option is biodegradable diapers. Made with plant-based plastics, these diapers are non-petroleum based and are compostable.